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Why Hospitality?

One of the World’s oldest industries is the Hospitality industry and at the same time world’s fastest growing industry. An estimate of World Travel and Tourism Council states that in coming five years, the hotel and tourism industry will generate more than 260 million jobs worldwide; consisting average of one position in every ten jobs worldwide. No other industry but hospitality offers a wide range of career opportunities, an industry that plays a major role in almost every country’s economy.

Hospitality industry has wide ranges of career opportunities hence making this industry exciting and lucrative to work in i.e. Restaurant management, lodging management, recreational management, travel and tourism, meeting and convention planning and institutional management are few of the many to choose from.

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Global Business in Lucerne

The validation of the new 1-year top-up Bachelor of Arts in Global Management given at BHMS in Luzern in conjunction with the Robert Gordon University of Aberdeen was completed in September 2012. BHMS is proud to have received from the validation committee, which comprises professors from three top European Universities, a distinction for the validation process.

With this new program BHMS/RGU offers to students interested in a "Fast Track” ordinary Global Management Bachelor Degree an excellent education path that combines a high quality education for one the lowest all-in tuition fees available in all Swiss private Hotel and Business Management Schools.

Students that wish to avail after successful completion of their in-school period of a six-month paid internship in the hospitality industry can approach our internship officer for a suitable position. 

The program will be run for the first cohort in the autumn semester of 2013. 


(Bachelor of Arts Degree – Stage Three):

The BA in Global Management program provides the student with an academic qualification and skill set that is attractive to potential employers across a range of global business sectors in fields such as international sales and marketing; finance and controlling; banking; human resources; operations management, supply chain management and administrator positions in government and NGOs. The program uses a range of teaching methods to facilitate learning. Core knowledge is covered by lectures and tutorials, supported by guided reading and additional materials on The Virtual Campus “Moodle”. Particular care is taken to use the most effective teaching and assessment method for each module. This final year comprises a study term of 20 weeks plus 4-6 months of paid industry placement in Switzerland or overseas.


Industry training salaries in Switzerland are negotiated between the employer and the Federal Employee Union and are presently set at CHF 2'168 per month gross or CHF 2’364 p/month averaged out with part of a 13th salary, provided the student completes their work contract satisfactorily. From this salary, students may have to pay for their room and board and taxes. The average net income per month is between CHF 1'200/1'400. 

Employability after graduation

This is a question every graduate asks. Professional BHMS staff are always ready to help and assist you in this regard. In cooperation with our Masterworks Career Center - Switzerland, we are here to help you find a position in a leading hotel or tourism venue. Through extensive, personal contacts with top executives, our team will assist and mediate for you and help you to navigate you through the complex and demanding recruitment process. Nothing should then stand in your way.


Should you have further questions please feel free to contact 

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Do You Know?

Hospitality is also one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. Hospitality including tourism and travel is the world’s largest industry, generated over USD 6 Trillion in revenue, equal to an increadible 10.6% of the global GDP. World Travel and Tourism Council research is based on a total of 174 national economies worldwide: the industry generates 221.6 million jobs. World travel and tourism is expected to grow by 4.6% per year between 2010 and 2015.