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Why Hospitality?

One of the World’s oldest industries is the Hospitality industry and at the same time world’s fastest growing industry. An estimate of World Travel and Tourism Council states that in coming five years, the hotel and tourism industry will generate more than 260 million jobs worldwide; consisting average of one position in every ten jobs worldwide. No other industry but hospitality offers a wide range of career opportunities, an industry that plays a major role in almost every country’s economy.

Hospitality industry has wide ranges of career opportunities hence making this industry exciting and lucrative to work in i.e. Restaurant management, lodging management, recreational management, travel and tourism, meeting and convention planning and institutional management are few of the many to choose from.

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HTMi Mission: Come as a student, leave as a manager

Over the next decade, the international hotel and tourism industry is forecast to maintain its position as the world’s largest employer and the world’s largest provider of management positions. HTMi's role is to prepare students for a management career in this, the most exciting industry today. HTMi is supported by a world-wide network of international hotel companies, whose representatives regularly visit HTMi to recruit on campus.  HTMi graduates can be found in the leading hotel companies world-wide.

    HTMi Vision: To be a Leading Hotel Management School in the World by 2012 

The realisation of HTMi’s Vision is enhanced through its four Centres for Excellence: 

> The School of International Hotel and Tourism Management 

> The International Hospitality Research Centre 

> The International Centre for Events Management Training

> The Centre for Culinary Management

> The Centre for Career Management.


The School of International Hotel and Tourism Management 

The School of International Hotel and Tourism Management provides high-quality education, training and work internships to all students. 

Students gain Swiss-style diplomas for education and for training, followed by a Bachelor or MBA degree from universities with a long-standing tradition for excellence in degree-level education, all taught in English. 

The Bachelor Degree is awarded by the University of Ulster and the MBA Degree is awarded by Queen Margaret University.  HTMi and the courses are accredited and recognised  by the official Swiss government quality agency EDUQUA, BAC (British Accreditation Council) from the UK, and the undergraduate level courses are accredited by the Institute of Hospitality.


The International Hospitality Research Centre

The International Hospitality Research Centre Switzerland, at HTMi is unique in Switzerland and is an excellent example of HTMi leading in research and Innovation. At HTMi, research is a key part of all courses and the institute has its own international research journals: The international Hospitality Student Journal and the Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Student Journal. Research is key part of developing students’ analytical skills, that are essential to be an excellent future manager in the international  hotel and tourism industry. 


The International Centre for Events Management Training

The Centre for Events Management Training provides all students with a focus for Events management which is a very large part of a hotel organisation’s revenue. On campus, each semester, there are a large number of events at all levels, including conferences, weddings and culinary events.


The Centre for Culinary Management

The Centre for Culinary Management focuses on equipping students with the required skills and knowledge to operate within a kitchen environment, develop recipes and operate within the a la carte and banqueting restaurants, on campus, at HTMi.


The Centre for Career Management

The Centre for Career Management at HTMi connects with all major  international hotel companies  and places students around the world. The Centre organises international hotel company recruitment events on campus, career trips for award-winning students to leading hotel centres around the world  and provides job searching skills and support for all students and graduates.

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Do You Know?

Hospitality is also one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. Hospitality including tourism and travel is the world’s largest industry, generated over USD 6 Trillion in revenue, equal to an increadible 10.6% of the global GDP. World Travel and Tourism Council research is based on a total of 174 national economies worldwide: the industry generates 221.6 million jobs. World travel and tourism is expected to grow by 4.6% per year between 2010 and 2015.