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Why Hospitality?

One of the World’s oldest industries is the Hospitality industry and at the same time world’s fastest growing industry. An estimate of World Travel and Tourism Council states that in coming five years, the hotel and tourism industry will generate more than 260 million jobs worldwide; consisting average of one position in every ten jobs worldwide. No other industry but hospitality offers a wide range of career opportunities, an industry that plays a major role in almost every country’s economy.

Hospitality industry has wide ranges of career opportunities hence making this industry exciting and lucrative to work in i.e. Restaurant management, lodging management, recreational management, travel and tourism, meeting and convention planning and institutional management are few of the many to choose from.

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HIM has a long tradition as one of Switzerland’s finest Hotel Management Schools with a Passion for Swiss Hotel Management Education. Our international accreditations and affiliations ensure that our graduates qualifications are recognized worldwide. HIM’s strong alumni network combined with excellent links to the hospitality industry provide our students with the best possible career opportunities.

The international reputation of HIM is based on world-class academic programs combined with high quality industry internship programs in Switzerland and abroad. The development of strong management, interpersonal, cultural and language skills provide a distinct advantage to HIM graduates.  Our state of the art facilities are centrally located in the vibrant city of Montreux.

HIM graduates receive not only the internationally recognized Swiss Higher Diploma in International Hotel Management, but are also awarded an American BBA in Hotel, Restaurant and Resort Management and a Swiss BBA (Hons) in Hospitality & Business Management. Our partner Northwood University, a leading Management University in the United States, awards the American degree. Students are also provided with two industry internship placements in either Switzerland or abroad. It is this combination of management training, practical skills and industry recognized work experience that have resulted in our students being in such high demand by the industry.

HIM is one of Switzerland’s finest Hotel Management Schools. I look forward to welcoming you to this unique environment.

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Hospitality is also one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. Hospitality including tourism and travel is the world’s largest industry, generated over USD 6 Trillion in revenue, equal to an increadible 10.6% of the global GDP. World Travel and Tourism Council research is based on a total of 174 national economies worldwide: the industry generates 221.6 million jobs. World travel and tourism is expected to grow by 4.6% per year between 2010 and 2015.