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Why Hospitality?

One of the World’s oldest industries is the Hospitality industry and at the same time world’s fastest growing industry. An estimate of World Travel and Tourism Council states that in coming five years, the hotel and tourism industry will generate more than 260 million jobs worldwide; consisting average of one position in every ten jobs worldwide. No other industry but hospitality offers a wide range of career opportunities, an industry that plays a major role in almost every country’s economy.

Hospitality industry has wide ranges of career opportunities hence making this industry exciting and lucrative to work in i.e. Restaurant management, lodging management, recreational management, travel and tourism, meeting and convention planning and institutional management are few of the many to choose from.

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The Academy Of Business Management - THE OPEN UNIVERSITY OF SWITZERLAND

The Academy based in Zug and Zurich and is Officially registered and entity established under Swiss law of the State (Canton) of Zug in Switzerland.

We offer a range of online study programs starting from Associate Bachelor Degree up to Doctorate Degree, including Masters and Bachelors study programs, all our Studies can be done in ONE academic year part time (Friday to Sunday),

The Academy is a global leader in Online Business Education an outstanding reputation - The Swiss Universities Handbook (Largest Educational Portal in Switzerland) has ranked our Academy among the top online universities in Switzerland, in term of popularity.

The main language of our study programs is in English dedicated working professionals from all over the world.


We different

We have created an online experience that allows you to interactive effectively with faculty and other students, all you need is a computer with internet connection, its education on your terms.

We encourage people to take what they learning and apply to their own life


Our Aim

  • Successful future for all our students
  • International Environment
  • Excellent lecturers
  • High standard of Quality
  • To serve students from all over the world



Our online classes are kept small turns you more intensive learning Environment, we try to keep our students – lecturers ration very small, all our programs are being taught in English, our main focus is to provide you with a great corporate connections by offering you a part-time-online study program which keep you connected with your own company or job.


We offer you

  • Advance your career, accredited online programs
  • Online college courses, built around your schedule
  • Perfect your skills, courses to support your goals
  • Powering your success, dedicated students support 24/7
  • Knowledge you can apply
  • Work-life balance (of course you have to squeeze all in one, personal-life, personal-commitment, study and work-life)


Students can specialize in the following Business and Management Fields:

  1. Hospitality management
  2. Hotel Management
  3. Tourism Management
  4. Events management
  5. Nutrition
  6. Culinary Arts
  7. Business administration
  8. Business Law
  9. Public Relations
  10. Clinical Management
  11. International Relation
  12. Cultural Studies
  13. Product and Category Management
  14. Communication Management
  15. International Marketing and Sales
  16. Human Resource Management
  17. Accounting
  18. Finance
  19. E- Business
  20. E- Marketing
  21. International Management
  22. Rehabilitation & Injury Management
  23. Pharmaceutical Management
  24. Leadership Management
  25. Change Management
  26. Institutional and educational management
  27. Information and Communications Technology ICT Management

For more informations please click here : The Academy Of Business Management - THE OPEN UNIVERSITY OF SWITZERLAND

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Do You Know?

Hospitality is also one of the fastest growing sectors of the global economy. Hospitality including tourism and travel is the world’s largest industry, generated over USD 6 Trillion in revenue, equal to an increadible 10.6% of the global GDP. World Travel and Tourism Council research is based on a total of 174 national economies worldwide: the industry generates 221.6 million jobs. World travel and tourism is expected to grow by 4.6% per year between 2010 and 2015.